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IDP Installer

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IdP Installer 2.2.0-CAF Expanded Platform Release

This release for the CAF IDP-Installer expands platform support and updates components to current versions.
Expanded platforms are CentOS7 and Ubuntu14.04LTS for Shibboleth2.4.4 installations. Future releases will be on based on Shibboleth 3.x.  Jetty is now the webserver and the Oracle JDK is used instead of OpenJDK. Please see New Features section for details.
Additional Download Links:
Distribution directly from Github:
Installation documentation: IDP-Installer-InstallationGuide.pdf

eduroam FreeRADIUS version in this release:
New Features:
  • FreeRADIUS 3.0.1 now used instead of 2.1.12

  • Jetty 9.x is now used instead of Tomcat6 for the Servlet container

  •  Oracle JDK 1.8 is now used instead of OpenJDK

  • Samba 4.1.1 now used instead of 3.6.9

  • Mysql 5.6 Community Release now used instead of 5.1.73

  • Added support for CentOS7

  • Added support for Ubuntu14.04LTS

Version compatibility:

This tool is an installer tool and usually only used once to perform an installation.
To this end, we recommend using the latest version of this tool when doing installations.
Known Issues
No changed to the issues from v2.1.0-CAF.

For known issues in v2.1.0-CAF, see: 

We use Github to manage the code base with our partners in the community.

This distribution can be found there under the 2.2.0-CAF BRANCH.