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IDP Installer 2.0.0-CAF General Availability release

This is the General Availability release for the CAF IDP-Installer.It incorporates the updates from the previous beta releases as well as feedback from our participants using the installer. Many thanks for your feedback!

We use GitHub for managing the code base with our partners in the community and you can also find this distribution there under the 2.0.0-CAF tag which has been signed and can be verified with 'git tag -v 2.0.0-CAF' if required.

Github also allows online viewing and retrieval as well.

The zip distribution can be found here(goes to git):


Please see and RELEASE-NOTES.CAF for details regarding versions differences and dependancies.

Installation documentation can be found here: IDP-Installer-InstallationGuide.pdf

Latest Commit Summary

  •  Removed dependancy from EPEL library and use Maven as zip install instead for F-TICKS support.
  •  Updated settings use Mysql J Connector of v5.1.32 instead of 5.1.29 
  •  Improved handling of JAVA_HOME to prevent java version collisions 
    • Tip: remember to log out and back in again to get latest version of java you just updated
  • Merged fix for sAMAccountName issues from beta2 into native build. No longer need manual intervention to properly resolve attributes for Active Directory.
  • CAF Inter-federation feed is now available by default. 
    • IdP installers/operators still need to email to request their IdP to be present in eduGAIN (which is only extra elements added to metadata, no technical steps required)
  • CAF SHA256 feed is now the default CAF metadata aggregate