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Research Software

Research Software

Participants in CANARIE's Research Software program and anyone else who is interested in software development for research purposes

Breakout session 3 - Centre of Excellence Discussion




No sufficient recognition for RSE in academia. Salaries are lower, people will gravitate to higher pay.


Research groups

Lack of qualified personnel. Missed opportunities for development of high quality solutions.

i.e.: Life sciences : very undisciplined development.


Considerations for a Center of excellence

Virtual physical, etc. How can we make it worth it. Many different skill sets.


Model which might serve as a template.

NCE : Network center of excellence: Funding for continuous education.

Has a selection mechanism, filter out individuals.

Travelling workshops. Distributed center.

Advocacy and representation are an important part in creating significant networks.

Funding by governments.


How might it be useful

Visibility for the need of research personnel.



Need to develop "Future elves which might make Christmas happen"!

Need for stats, math. Might be advocated down to the educational level.

Center of knowledge, body of knowledge.

Better quality of development, disciplinary approach

Cross discipline. But it might be useful to cross silos to transfer knowledge.

Need to benefit multiple disciplines.

Could help promote Digital infrastructure.



Foster career development. Might hint to academic publication recognition.

Communications channel for sharing insights, novel approaches.

Hinting at available resources. Computing resources, etc.

Not necessary overlaps scope of workshops such as software carpentry.

Bringing people together.

Development of a network, communications... Sharing...



Beneficial to developers to also much to the research ecosystem.

Go big or go home.

Governance needs to be appropriate

Steering committee.