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Research Software

Research Software

Participants in CANARIE's Research Software program and anyone else who is interested in software development for research purposes

Breakout session 5 - Successful patterns for multi-tenant platforms

Monolithic vs. multi-tenant such as cloud

ONC single project per platform
HEP in distributed batch workloads

Clouds as multi-tenant platforms?
Traditional HPC can be multi-tenant platform, database cluster, …

What are signs of a successful multi-tenant pattern?

    • keeping some data isolated, keep some data shared

Support for others using their platform

HEP: image sets pre-installed on system for others to try out or demo, starting point for them to customize.  

Challenge ONC might have would be to anticipate what their resource needs would be for tenants

Partitioning and sharing of resources
Flexibility for different use cases

No single pattern

Different work profiles

Thinking as the system is being built:
    • is this system to be shared with other projects?

Choosing funding models to consider multi-tenancy