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Research Software

Research Software

Participants in CANARIE's Research Software program and anyone else who is interested in software development for research purposes

Introducing the CANARIE Research Software Development Team

Despite the fact that most of the development performed under the Research Software program is done by the community, CANARIE also has a small development team. There are 4 of us - two developers, one test engineer and one architect.

What does this team do? Below is a list of our major areas of concentration. The items on this list are explained in more detail in the following sections.

  • Development of the service portal at
  • Development of services to allow members of the community to more easily use other CANARIE initiatives
  • Fill-in development under the advice of the Software Technical Advisory Committee

Development of the service portal

Initially, we're concentrating on developing a portal where members of the community can go to learn about services that have already been contributed by others. This portal lists the available services and for each service, provides links to basic provenance information, online documentation, usage examples and instructions on how to get support. Going forward, this portal will continue to be developed and the following capabilities will be added.

  • Service monitoring - all services registered with the portal will be monitored for availability, reliability and usage. This information will be made available to everyone. As a research platform developer, it is important that you are comfortable with the performance and ease of use of a service before committing to it in your design.
  • Service failure notification - The owner of a service will be informed whenever the service monitor detects a fault. Users of a service may also register to receive service failure notifications.

Development of services to allow members of the community to more easily use other CANARIE initiatives

We're always looking for ways to simplify access to services offered by other CANARIE programs. We've already created a application note explaining to use Canadian Access Federation (CAF) user authentication in a browser-based environment.

Fill-in development

The CANARIE development team may be available to contribute services and other software components of use to the research community. Generally, our development activities will be scheduled as a result of advice from the Software Technical Advisory Committee, but we're always open to suggestions from the community at large!