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Migrating to eduroam as your primary SSID

Migrating to eduroam as your primary SSID results in simplified management of user accounts, seamless wireless roaming for students throughout your campus and at eduroam-enabled sites worldwide, and effortless access for visiting students and faculty ... a win-win for your IT department and your users.

Follow these steps to connect your institution to eduroam!

  1. Join CAF online

  2. Already a CAF Participant?  Request an invitation to the eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool (CAT)
    • email
    • you may log in to eduroam CAT using your home institution credentials (via the CAF Federated Single Sign-On (FSSO) service) or social credentials.  Not sure if you're set up for FSSO, just ask and we'll help you get going!
  3. Download the IdP Installer and peer your RADIUS server with  

  4. Use the eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool (CAT) to create device installers and test device configurations.
    • The device installers auto-configure a variety of popular devices for your eduroam configuration.
    • CAT generates a QR code and URL that you can direct users to, which points to the device installers for your institution.
  5. Create "eduroam" and "eduroam-help" SSIDs
    • optionally set up VLANs to segregate visitors and home users on your network
  6. Use "eduroam-help" SSID to on-board new users to "eduroam"
    • Re-direct "eduroam-help" to an HTML page that contains your QR code
  7. Outreach to the community using a variety of promotional channels
    • e.g. website, posters, social media, etc
    • be prepared to sustain the communications ... it can take time to get all of your users on-board!

Need more help?  Email with general inquiries or tickets@canarie for technical support.